Spring planting

So, this weekend I began what I hope to be an annual ritual: spring planting.  I drove to Winterville (like going to another world) and went to a local nursery with a reputation for having the best selection of herbs.  I came away with Italian parsley, cilantro, barbeque rosemary, Greek oregano, Kentucky mint, juniper thyme, Provence lavender, basil, and catnip.  At present, I have the catnip, rosemary, basil, and lavender in individual pots – but I think I need to trade my mint out of the tub it shares with the oregano.  Supposedly (hopefully), it will take over whatever container it is in.  The other herbs are in tubs to share space with others: cilantro and parsley together, mint and oregano, and thyme alone for the moment.  I’d like to put another variety or two of thyme together – or maybe a scented geranium.  The tubs are copper, and I’ve nailed 10 drainage holes in the bottom of each of them.  Not sure how well this will work, but I think it should be sufficient.  My plan is to water the herbs nightly for the first week and then wait for the soil to dry out before re-watering thereafter.  I will probably add some flowers or other scented plants with the herbs for a little more decorative flare.  I’m not really sure about how to trim / prune the plants, but I’ve started by cutting the flowers off the basil, then trimming its stalks down to about five inches or so.  Tomorrow, I plan to trim all the spotted or dead leaves from the parsley and cilantro.  None of the other plants show any loss of vigor yet.

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