Herb garden – one week later

Juniper thyme jungle  
So, today is the end of day 7 after planting my herbs in containers. Success!  Here’s the run down. 

    •  Catnip: looking good.  It has some yellowing of new leaves, due to two very cold nights.
    • Rosemary: thriving.
    • Parsley: I trimmed off some old, yellowed stems, and it is growing nicely – lots of new shoots.
    • Cilantro: Not as tolerant of the cold as the parsley.  The cold killed some of the more tender leaves, but the plant itself is healthy and fragrant.
    • Mint: On its way to taking over its container already.  Can’t wait to use it!
    • Oregano: Needs to get away from the mint!
    • Thyme: creeping slowly (as it should).
    • Lavender: not seeing much activity yet, but didn’t really expect to see much activity for anything.
    • Basil: OK – the basil really didn’t like the cold.  It’s far from dead, and it still has many new buds.  But, one cold snap left many of the leaves wilted and dead.  This one will need to be moved indoors in future if the temperature drops.
  • The good news for the plants is that my cat is really not interested in any of them.  I feared he would eat them, but he has been quite behaved.  I am sure he will discover the catnip soon enough, anyway.  I planted it in hopes of distracting him from the herbs that are for me
    Perhaps the best thing about planting and working out on the patio is that for the first time I’ve felt connected to the Athens fauna beyond the chihuahua-sized squirrels and sluggish chipmunks I used to see on campus.  I’ve hung a bird feeder (with a birdhouse and hummingbird feeder going up this weekend), and am regularly entertained by the goings on surrounding it.  We have a regular drama with a large squirrel who keeps leaping onto it and spilling its contents on the ground.  The other juicy backyard tidbit is this odd menage-a-trois of cardinals – two males, one female – that are always together pecking at seeds.  While I’ve often seen more males than females of local cardinals, they never traveled in trios before.  I am mostly hoping that my cat does not reduce this troupe to a trio.


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